This repository exists in support of open access, meaning that its content is accessible for research, replication, and re-use. In addition, the University Libraries is committed to the long-term preservation of the content in the repository [See ALA Preservation Policy for an understanding of libraries’ responsibilities to preservation.].

The following specifics provide users of Digital Collections and contributors to its Institutional Repository with helpful information:

Institutional Repository: Submissions and Copyright
Dissertation and theses submission guidelines answers most of the questions researchers have about copyright of theses and dissertations.

Government mandates require open access to federally funded research. Individual authors in search of a better understanding of issues around their own copyright and publisher agreements, will find guidance in the SPARC Author Addendum to Publication Rights, published by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Researchers Association (SPARC) through the Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

The intention is to use this repository to fulfill requirements for research data as denoted in data management plans (DMP). For additional information, see CU Research Data Services resources.

Research material depositors’ retain copyright to the work and the right to use all or part in future works. Deposit of content to Digital Scholarship @ CU grants The Catholic University of America non-exclusive rights for preserving that content and disseminating that content. The deposited materials may be freely deposited and distributed elsewhere, in venues such as disciplinary data repositories, electronic journals, pre-print archives, conference proceedings, or course/learning management systems.

For more on CU Copyright policies please see http://policies.cua.edu/IntellectualProperty/Copyright.cfm

Anyone may access the metadata free of charge. The metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided a link to the original metadata record is given. The metadata must not be used in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission from CU Libraries.

Conditions of Use and Ordering Reproductions
Anyone may access full items free of charge.

Copies of full items generally can be reproduced and displayed publicly in any format or medium for personal research or study and educational and other not-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge provided all public uses and copies include the author(s), title, and full bibliographic details* and a hyperlink and/or URL to the original metadata page and the contents are not changed in any way. Full items must not be sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders.